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One-on-One Relationship Session

Want to finally have an amazing relationship, but don’t know how to attract/keep/seal the deal with the type of person you can’t stop dreaming about?  One-on-one relationship coaching could be the answer.

The dirty truth to great relationships if you have to be in all ways the whole package before you can find someone whole. Once you learn the secrets, you’ll never have to feel less than/jealous/frustrated again.

Take a deep breath, I’m here to show you exactly how it’s done.

As a relationship coach, I can help you get more of what you want in love and business relationships – now.

These sessions will use psychological principles, step-by-step instruction, to get you results. I have tricks up my sleeves to help you get over past hangups and moving forward in style.

While getting my BA in Psychology and starting my masters in Marriage and Family Theory, I ran an online business all about helping people through relationships and dating issues. It was a great help for so many and I’ve kept in contact with many of my previous clients. Past clients have shouted, “why don’t they share this information to women before their first date!?”, “thank you for everything, I was so hurt after the breakup I didn’t realize it was the best thing that could have happened. I rather be sad now than live like that another minute.” and my favorite was when one woman said, “saved my marriage, in 24hours, I turned everything around by my actions alone.”

So sit on my {virtual} couch and let’s figure this out together.


BA in Psychology
Studied Marriage and Family Therapy
Started a Dating Coaching Business at 19
Social worker for 5 years
At-risk youth counselor
Counseled everything from abused children to adults dying of AIDS
Specializes in dating and relationships

Areas I focus on:

You need the FULL KICK

2 months of intense mentoring

Week 1 to 2, up to two per week back and forth email mentoring based on your needs

Week 3+ you’ll get, weekly 30 minute phone or g+ hangout chats to go over progress + homework

Final week wrap up worksheet + up to 60 mins phone or g+ hangout chat

Option to continue one-on-one chats and/or email mentoring at a discounted rate.

You’ll take a SLAP INTO SHAPE

Same as the Full Kick only you get no phone or g+ chats. We’ll do weekly emails to keep in touch. This works for those that can’t stick to set one-on-one chat times and super busy bees. You’ll still get great interaction and your life/love will start to see the results you’re after.


Relationship Mentoring Call:
$125 per hour

Relationship Mentoring Email:
$35 per email


“I have worked with Kat for almost 5 years in the field of psychology and social work. I cannot say enough wonderful things about how easy she is to work with and how on point her advice has been to the lives of so many. Her approach is actionable, informed, and uniquely her own. If you are struggling in the areas of dating and relationships she will be able to bring you clarity and easy to apply techniques. Everyone deserves to find happiness and if what you are doing now isn’t working for you she’ll help you switch it up!”

Teresa Neira PhD, LCSW
Psychotherapist specializing in Human Sexuality

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