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First impressions

Review of main pages (up to 7)

Ideas + Suggestion for improvements PDF of your review


Cherry May Ward“I loved my experience working with Kat and getting some professional feedback regarding my online presence! She had some really great tips which I hadn’t thought of before and will be able to implement. I loved how Kat first introduced herself to me after my initial email contact and told me more about herself, I love getting to know the people you work with and buy from… especially if they are offering a personalized service tailored to you, I like to get to know the person as well! She was really quick to get back to me, and when I received my website review, it was concise and to the point… no fluff! I liked it, exactly the kick-in-the-bum I needed!”

-Cherry May Ward


Kim LorangI was in the process of giving my website a complete makeover, so I was so grateful to find Kat from The Business Darling to give me some guidance!

Kat got my review to me quickly which was wonderful! She provided me with a three page review that showed that she obviously meticulously combed through each page of my site. The review was given by page so it was very easy to understand and then apply to my site.

I loved her ideas and they all made a lot of sense! Kat gave ideas on what to remove, add and move. Not only did she give clear directions, she gave the reasons WHY the changes would help, which was helpful!

I would strongly suggest Kat’s services; she is a true professional with a keen eye for design and copy!

Kim Lorang, Pure D.light Photography


Linda“Thanks so much for your website review. I like how you went through each page individually to give specific feedback and then gave an overall review. I’ve spent the morning going through each point you made and updating my website. I know it needs to be a work in progress, and I still have things I need to do (like update blog, increase engagement through blog comments etc. and review overall look), but you helped give me the push I needed to get started!

Thanks again Kat!”

Linda, In Bloom Photography


Marcy Harris “I want to thank you so much for reviewing my website! You brought attention to a couple things that I knew all along, but took for granted and haven’t made the effort to fix them–like my logo being too small. You were seeing it for the first time, just like a new potential customer would, which made me realize it is important for me to address right away. You also gave me super valuable insight on how to address my client on my about page. I never know where to begin and always feel like there is too much to say. It makes so much sense to address their problem first, otherwise they don’t care about me or my interests. I am making these changes TODAY!

Thank you for your time. It is very much appreciated!”

Marcy Harris of Marcy Harris Photos, Central Ohio Family Photographer

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