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My Story

I never thought being creative was useful and I looked down on myself for not excelling in math and science.

Took me decades to realize the world needs creatives to make it interesting. Food just keeps you alive, but the spices give it flavor and makes it enjoyable. Creatives are the spice of life.

I was many things to get myself through university.

Writer, web designer, relationship coach ( I called myself a relationship consultant actually), dream interpretations, and so on. I was creative about how I made money for sure! The internet was young and it wasn’t something I shared with the real world. It was a hobby to those I explained it to. Not something someone would seriously consider work.

Eventually I got my psychology degree and began working while getting my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

You know, a REAL job. I love psychology and helping others, but I HATED the hours of paperwork, mind numbing billing on slow error filled programs, and the horror that is office politics. There was no glass ceiling. It was a bullet proof wall and everyone knew it. My income went down compared to making money online and somehow I was conditioned to believe the rat race was better for me.

I became depressed.

I saw my peers obtain Ph.D’s and continue to make the same as I did with a BA. What was the point? Starting your own practice was an option, but the amount of school debt and having to pay your own health insurance made it a wash if you were even successful. Few were.

So I left. No call, no nothing. I just stopped going and refused to pick up the phone. My new husband was supportive. He watched me suffer daily and couldn’t bare it anymore. He told me to just stop.

My husband just finished acupuncture school and decided to do an internship in Taiwan for a few months.

We moved there and the entire time I read up on business, marketing, made new friends, had new experiences, and centered myself. For the first time in a long time I found hope in life. I decided life was too short to do what others expect or think is the only right way to live.

I made a new friend who was an Ex-Pat and worked online.  He traveled the world working wherever he was at the moment.  Even though he was working and making more than most people he also had a lot of free time to sight see with me and hangout.  I couldn’t help but think…HEY!  That could have been me!!!

We came back to the states and I immediately started my business in wedding planning and photography.  Just like that.

I was also helping my husband open his acupuncture practice.

He is fabulous at what he does and learned so much in Taiwan during his internship. However, he never learned much about business, so that’s where I came in and taught him about marketing, sales, negotiation, pricing, everything that comes with having your own businesses. I created his website and we used his strengths to nitch him and set him apart. He loves to really dive in deep with his patients and hates when physicians don’t spend time to get to the root cause of illness in their patients. We focused his business on offering a luxury service that gives him more time with his patents and more value to them. This allows him to make money without needing to have millions of patients per day. He’s happier, I’m happier, and best of all his patients are happier and HEALTHIER. We don’t compete on price, we offer more and charge appropriately.

Once he was set up I focused more on my businesses.

Wedding planning took off first and fast. It was pretty crazy and a lot of work. I did everything myself and my husband worked as my assistant on wedding days. He was a caterer for a while and worked with Barton G. a famous event designer and caterer in Miami. Together we got it done nicely.

Photography got better as I got better and more so after I bought better and better equipment. I noticed photography was a very expensive business pretty quickly and you have a lot of big investments just to keep up.
Wedding planning soon became wedding design and photography became specialized in my unique style. Things were starting to get busy and then we decided it was time to change it up.

I was getting up there (age wise) and we realized it was now or never. So we had baby girl, Violette. Priorities shifted and working became harder and harder. I turned down more than I accepted. There was less time to spend with clients and I was not interested in babysitters or full time daycares.

I had been asked many times for help starting and marketing businesses. I helped a lot of acupuncturists that found my husbands website and fell in love. I helped photographers and I helped aspiring wedding planners. Then one day when I turned down yet another wedding gig, it hit me.

I could help creative entrepreneurs…for a living.

I’ve been doing it for free all this time and everyone keeps coming back for more. This means I wouldn’t have to give up weekends, can work completely from home, no sitter and no full time daycare needed. Plus I get that one-on-one interaction and get to help people in similar situations I was in.

I’ve already begun and let me say that the response has been humbling. I get great emails from people who found my posts and loved them. I’ve done website reviews, one-on-one coaching sessions, and even a few relationship sessions (reestablishing my old relationship coaching biz). It’s great, it’s catching on, and I’m loving it.

The best has been the real life testimonials from strangers, now friends, that I’ve helped. Being a creative entrepreneur is hard. It’s a lonely process, especially in the beginning. The road less traveled is filled with jagged edges and sharp turns. But friend, it’s easier when you have someone on your corner that has been there and continues to walk the path.


I’m your go to girl.


Don’t put it off, the sooner you get serious about investing in yourself, the sooner you’re going to get there. If not now, when? There will never be a perfect time.

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