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Want the 411 on how to get featured on The Business Darling?!

To get your very own business darling feature post, we have a few requirements.  We are generally looking for women entrepreneurs that have a strong online presence.


Female owned businesses only

Must be your own full time business (you may have multiple sources of income, but your own business must generate your main income)

A well branded online presence (we are preferential to beautiful feminine creatively branded businesses)

Clear professional head shot (good photography is important!)

A few professional photos of your work, work space, or you working. (at least 900px wide, 1200px wide is even better)

A professional looking website, Etsy store, etc.  Clean design and style.

We usually do not feature similar businesses to TBD. (ex. biz mentors/marketers/SEO/life coaches/relationships and dating)

If you sell products (doesn’t include fashion/beauty/lifestyle bloggers), we are not looking for sales reps for other companies. Must be your own company and your own products with a self hosted website.

Submit Your Business:

Email (TheBusinessDarling@gmail.com) your head shot, name, business name, website link, 3-4 professional images of you working/your work either attached to the email or a dropbox link (with photographer name/website for credit), and tell us a little about what you do.  We will get back to you if you are a good fit with the interview questions!

What’s in it for You?

Your business will be linked and promoted on a featured post.  That post will be linked and promoted to over 10,300 G+ followers, on Twitter, FB, and our Email list. It’s a great FREE way to gain more brand awareness and traffic to your website.

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