Hear me out on this one, darling. Simmer down and listen up! I’m going to share with you today exactly why you should be ashamed of your old work. Yup, you read that right! Not only should you want your old work to make you feel shame and embarrassment, I hope and pray that it does. Here’s why…
Why You Should Be Ashamed of Your Old Work
There you are at a networking event. Maybe some badass workshop with amazing and inspiring creative entrepreneurs galore. You’re excited and holding your stack of profesh business cards. You’re so fancy with your outfit on point. You got this! Then here it comes, the first friendly face to come up and introduce themselves to you. You take their card eagerly and then take a breath. Now it’s time to give your big intro.

You start off your speech and they quickly stop you mid sentence. They KNOW who you are! You’re shocked and speechless. They pop out their phone and pull up and article you wrote back in the day, a photo you took, a silly tweet that probably shouldn’t have been on your biz page, or whatever. It’s you, it’s your work, but it’s very old stuff. You’re so much better than that now. Suddenly a rush of fear floods your face. You’re so put together now, that was not something you wanted to be remembered or recognized for at all.

I’m here to tell you, HIGH FIVE! That shameful and embarrassing old stuff you did, this feeling you have RIGHT NOW, is a great sign!


That’s right! I want you to feel these icky feels. These uncomfortable moments are pure gold. They are PROOF you are getting better. They are PROOF you know better. They are PROOF you are always working on yourself. They are PROOF you are on your way. Most of all they are PROOF you just started, even if it wasn’t perfect. You just decided you would start without knowing everything. That’s something to be proud of, darling. That’s something we all hope to achieve.

You’re not always going to be perfect, but if you’re getting better, well that’s the best you can hope for isn’t it? That’s awesomeness manifesting into pure success. You’re my kind of person. No apologies for your past flops, mistakes, or mis steps. They are the building blocks of greatness.

So my darling, I hope the next time you get that feeling. Whether it is business related or just life experience related. Whatever it is, that feeling just means the you, you are today is better than the you, you were yesterday. (so many yous’ lol)

Now tell me about a time you were recognized for something that caused you some sort of uneasiness, embarrassment, whatever. I want to hear all about it! Knowing what you know now…what did you learn from this?

Cheers to you! And cheers to our success, Darling!

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xo, Kat