Stop trying to find your passion!  You’ve probably been told that eventually if you keep thinking long and hard enough you’ll “find your passion”.  Almost as if it is something that falls out of the heavens and lands nicely on your lap.  Lots of people probably told you that your passion is something you will “love doing” and that it “won’t feel like work just having fun”.  I hate to burst everyone’s bubble here, but the reality of the situation is that your passion isn’t waiting around for the perfect moment to surprise you with itself.  Just like waiting around watching TV in your PJs after work won’t help you find the perfect “dream guy” your been putting on your vision board.stop trying to find your passion and start doing something right now



Let’s get real, ladies.  Your passion just like your dream guy are not going to come to you.  EVER.  The only way you might even stumble upon them is the moment you stop looking and start doing, SOMETHING.

We are not one hit wonders.  We are good at many many things.  The only way to figure out what we are good at is to try different things.  The catch is that at the beginning of trying this new thing, you might just ::gasp:  suck at it!  It might be really really hard for you to do.  This pain of not being perfect at something right away stops most people from ever really being great or finding anything they are in fact good at and passionate about.  In summary, life is cruel.

Good things do NOT come to those who wait.  Good things come to those that HUSTLE! (put that on your vision board!)

Every single day you have a chance to get yourself one step closer to what you want.  Do something to get you there.  Just start.  Don’t know what your business should be, just start a business in SOMETHING you find interesting.  Start two businesses at once.  Ask to follow people in their businesses.  The more you start businesses the more you’ll see how the day to day and not so glamorous parts of the job feel.  It is rare to have a job where everything is perfect and you can sleep in every single day and travel without checking in on it ever.  It can happen eventually in some manner, but if you don’t want to do grunt work, don’t try to start your own business.

Trust that when you keep at it, your business might evolve and change a bunch of times until you get it just right.  Maybe you never get it just right.  Hey we are human and most importantly, that means we have the tendency to change our minds.  We learn, we grow and sometimes that means moving in a new direction.  All perfectly normal and good things.

One day you’re a lifestyle blogger, then you have a design business, after that maybe your own clothing line, then BAM you’re back to being a lifestyle blogger.  There is no right way to go about your business.  The only wrong way is to not do anything because you are waiting for some sign as to which exact direction to go in.

So when you are ready to get out there and DO SOMETHING join me.  You’ll get a fab FREEBIE to tune up your business website instantly.

To our success Darling!

xo, Kat