Before we get into what these type of behaviors and mindsets keeping entrepreneurs from success are, let’s make it very clear.  These are all easily changed.  When we pull them into the front of our minds and realize these are just poor mindsets, we can finally begin to change these behaviors and in turn change our lives.  Entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs will greatly benefit from going over these a few times per year.  As long as we keep these success blocks top of mind we can notice them when they come up and squash them before they do any real damage.

Behaviors Keeping Entrepreneurs from Success1.  Gives up after failures

9 out of 10 businesses fail.  9 out of 10!!!!!!!!!  So instead of freaking out keep going.  It’s part of the process.  Each time you fail you’ll know how to do it even better the next time.  You can dust off and do it again and again and yet again.  As many times as you need to.  If you need a real kick in the bum read my previous post just on failure, HERE.

2.  Loves to Start, but Never Finishes

This is a lot of people, and to be honest, myself about many things.  Scrapbooking anyone?  No, I’m happy I gave up on that.  Sometimes things are distractions from what’s important.  But when it’s the important things.  The steps that get you from step one to SUCCESS, you need to knock yourself out of it.  Something is really wrong here.  Set real goals and make note of all the little steps you need to achieve to realize your larger goal.  Then you just do what you need to do.  It’s hard work.  If it was fun all the time, everyone would be successful.  If you realized it wasn’t for you, fine.  If you found it too hard and that’s why you stopped keep reading!

3.  Talks about what they want to do, but creates blocks to keep them from starting

Are you not even staring?  Did you or someone else convince you it couldn’t be done?   There are too many people doing X.  They started before me, I’ll just be one more.  Or maybe you are one of those who talks and talks about something, then say you’ll start tomorrow.

4.  Helps others before helping themselves

You’ll live your dreams, just as soon as everyone else is happy and all set.  NO NO NO NO!  You are not here to be mediocre.  You are here to RAWR!!!  You have two hands, darling.  One to help others, but a second to help YOURSELF.  An unfulfilled person cannot help anyone else be fulfilled.  A sad person cannot bring joy to others.  You have to be the part first.  Take care of you.  If you don’t do it, nobody else will.  You are important, you matter.  When you are happy, it makes those around you happy.  When you find success you can help those you love most.  So darn it, live for yourself.  It’s your life!  Once you’re all set, you can actually do something meaningful.  You can help others in a huge way.  You’ll make a greater impact.

5.  Full of fear

Fear of success?  Fear of failure?  Fear of being famous or known for what they do.  Fear of being counted on by others.  Fear of responsibility.  Fear, fear, fear, everywhere!

A very common issue is fear itself.  Like a poison infecting every part of your life, it attacks you from inside and destroys anything positive in your life.  Always remember my favorite quote from Yoda (yep!  Star Wars!)

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

 – Yoda

Now don’t just read that quote, no it needs to be dissected.  Fear is the path to the dark side, the dark side is your overall unhappiness, lack of success, and misery.  The dark side is that dark place in your head.  You know the one I speak of, the one that leads you in a downward spiral.  You are fighting an inward battle and it’s with yourself.

Fear leads to anger, because when you are too scared to take action you know inside you will miss out on true happiness as well.  You know you are wasting your life and missing your chance.  You know it is by your own hand this pain is inflicted.  Then you look at others DOING IT.  Living the dream you didn’t even allow yourself to take seriously, much less earnestly pursue.  So what do you do?  What do MOST people do?  It’s not too hard to find these people, they make up a huge part of the population.  You’ll find them trolling on comments lashing out at those who achieved success.  Saying horrible things, or thinking them.  So and so is a THIS or a THAT.  That’s why they are where they are.  The worst part?  They create these lies and believe them, rather than admit the obvious.  These people they are hating, WORKED for it.  Doesn’t matter if they were born into money, taller, stronger, {insert whatever reason}.  People who achieve success have the opposite of this list in their favor.  They are still human, still feel, but they just don’t let anything stop them from their goals.

Anger leads to hate.  Do not hate others for having more success.  You don’t know their story.  More importantly, eyes on your own paper!  The only person you should be comparing yourself to is the person you were yesterday.  The only people you should want to be is the person you are working to become.

Hate leads to suffering.  You’re own.

6.  Thinks it will be easy and gets frustrated when it’s not

So you set up a business website and you did everything you were told you should do.  Everything conventional wisdom says needs to be done.  Then you sat back and waited for the success to pour into your lap.  But no success cometh.  Guess what, it’s not that easy.  In fact it’s not supposed to be that easy.  Whoa, imagine if it was?  That wouldn’t be any fun!  It’s hard to learn new things.  It’s hard to get new skills.  You have to suck at something and keep doing it while you suck at it until eventually you don’t suck.  Then if you’re lucky, sometime after that, you’ll get GOOD at it!  Take a few minutes now and watch this awesome video….trust me.

So now I want you to never give up, finish the important things you start, talk less and do more, help yourself, let go of fear, and keep going even when you get frustrated.  I know you can do it.  Every one of us can go for our goals.  For some great tips and actionable advice to keep you motivated, sign up for updates.  If you want a powerful one-on-one session to get focused and get you where you need to be, check out my WORK WITH ME page.


xo, Kat