It seems to be super popular to hate on other generations lately.  Millennials get the brunt of it now, but when I was growing up all we heard about was GenX.  Today we are going to put things into perspective.  Here are the six great things you can thank GenX and Millennials for… My hope is list will help make us all feel grateful to them.Six Great Things You Can Thank Gen Xers and Millennials For (You're Welcome!)

They Are The First Modern Generation To Not Over Value “Busy”

Six Great Things You Can Thank Gen Xers and Millennials For (You're Welcome!)Generations before would brag about how busy they were.  Somehow equating that with success.  Yes, you do have to work.  No work yields no results.  However, these generations know that it’s working SMARTER that counts.  If you don’t have time for friends and family (you know, what life is all about), what’s the point?  They judge success by happy relationships, doing what you love, and freedom to travel.  Memories are all you’ll take with you, and they want to make sure they are creating a life worth remembering.

They Place Self Care in High Priority

Rather than working themselves sick and tired like their parents’ and previous generations.  Gen Xers and Millennials talk about things like Hygge (creating inviting and cozy spaces), rather than opulent cluttered displays of wealth.

These generations have been having children later.  Because of this, many do not have the luxury of previous generations to help with child rearing.  They take all of the responsibilities, sometimes with little to no help.  Partners are starting to step in and step up their roles equally.  Making sure both parents have outside lives from being a parent.  This doesn’t just seem to be a trend for dual working parent households, but even something we are seeing where one parent stays in the home.  Because guess what, being a stay a home parent is an actual job.  Just try paying someone to do everything a stay at home parents does and see how much they are worth.

Spas have increased in popularity.  More than just something nice to do while on vacation or when you’re in massive pain, spas are slowly becoming mainstream.  We are going to relax and destress.  To maintain our mental and physical wellness.  We have placed top priority on our health and are trying to find out what really works rather than just go along with what we are told.

Gone are the days when the news told us what to eat and do to be happy and healthy.  We have moved on to fewer bias sources and even used our own bodies to experiment how different combinations make us feel.  These are the generations listening to Tim Ferriss, Dr. Mercola, and Dr. Axe over what their sometimes obese or ill-looking primary care physicians tell them.

They Don’t Like Stereotypes

You won’t only see the lead cheerleader and star athlete as prom queen and king.  Not a chance.  Expect the most inclusive kids to be represented.  Even in my high school, we voted our drama club comics over the more traditional “in-crowd” types.  Being a bully or only being attractive, is being less and less rewarded.  Yay!

It works both ways too.  You can freely move from group to group without facing backlash or being told you don’t belong.  Hang out with the smart kids, the drama club, and be a star on the wrestling team.  Having lots of interests and different kinds of friends is seen as a positive.

They Will Only Work Hard When They Believe In The Work and Are Being Valued

Older generations complain they want “perks”.  No, they just don’t want to be used, abused, and tossed out.  That’s what so many saw happen to their parents.  They are looking for companies that line with their values and invest in them.  They want to feel fulfilled over gain more money.

Imagine that?!  Those spoiled brats not valuing the almighty dollar over true happiness.  ;)

They know that life is short and how they feel at work takes up such a huge amount of their life.  It also spills into how they feel about themselves and how happy they are.  Companies that expect you to overwork yourself for a selfish cause like a board of directors needing to line their pockets are not going to continue to do well.  Greed over purpose is so old fashion.

They Do Not Make Decisions Out Of Fear Of Losing Money, But Out of Fear of Unhappiness

When an employer yells at them, humiliates them, or treats them poorly, they don’t keep their head down.  They lose respect and trust in their employer faster than generations before.  Unhappy with going along isn’t going to happen.  Simply because that’s the way it’s always been, doesn’t satisfy these generations.  They are too smart for that factory worker mentality.

Their heroes were the ones that stood up and found a better way.  Inventors, visionaries, not cogs in a machine.  Believing that you have to stand for something, to stand for anything.

They Follow Leaders, Not Bosses

To lead these generations you have to be a true leader.  Telling them what to do, while you know nothing about it or do nothing will gain you no respect.  They want to know you know what you’re talking about.  Show them you got their back.  Inspire them to be better.  It’s lonely at the top unless you take people up with you.  True leaders know this. We thank Simon Sinek for first articulating this revelation.


  • Inspires Fear
  • Places blame for breakdowns
  • Knows how it’s done
  • Takes credit
  • Commands
  • Uses People
  • Says “I”
  • Focuses on the numbers
  • Likes to talks
  • Says “Do it”


  • Earns Respect
  • Fixes breakdowns
  • Shows how it’s done
  • Gives credit
  • Asks
  • Develops People
  • Says “We”
  • Focuses on people
  • Always listens
  • Says “Let’s do it”

Did I Miss Anything?  Get to the comments and let me know any more reasons we should be thanking these generations.



xo, Kat