The Number One Mistake Businesses Make Online is more important than SEO and being active on Social Media.  Yup, it’s more important than all of that.  It comes down to their business website.

The Number One Mistakes Businesses Make Online

If you’re a business you probably know you have to have a strong online presence.  No matter what industry or what you do, you have to be able to be found online.  But before you focus you efforts on SEO and your Google ranking.  Let’s bring it back to the number one mistake businesses make online…it’s not just about the business website, it has to do with their blog.

We know if you have a business you NEED a blog

Unless you already are a known brand with tons of traffic and you just don’t feel you need anymore, I suggest you have a quality blog.

Blogs are very important for SEO and giving value to customers.  They need a reason to come check you out regularly and your blog content does it.  Unless, of course, it doesn’t.

When your business blog isn’t getting traffic consider this before you even think about SEO

Are you pushing out tons of content on your blog, have views, but your bounce rate is high?  People are just not spending time on your blog and viewing all that content.  Sit down because this may hurt.

It’s your content, darling.

Your content is what brings home the bacon (or not)

Unless you are advertising on TV, or spending tons on ads online, the best way to get people to your business FOR FREE is your blog content.  However, if it’s just fluff, it’s boring, too short, looks sloppy (unorganized and hard to read), you are making you entire business look…unprofessional.

What kind of content should you have on your business blog?

Great question!  Make sure you are posting regularly, but if you are posting regularly make it great.  It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.  Would your market enjoy your content?  Do you use images and headings to break up text so it’s easy to scan?  Make sure your content looks nice and is easy to read.  You can write a lot of words, but make the posts powerful and helpful to your audience.  Engage them with excited and fun real language.  Post helpful how-tos and post fun entertaining things.  Then rarely, if you know you have done a lot of valuable content, you may post promotions.  80% valuable content for visitors and 20% advertising posts about your products and services.

Make your blog visually appealing

It’s no secret, if your blog looks messy or visually unappealing, in seconds visitors will click off.  So what are the top ways you can be sure your blog is appealing visually for visitors?

  1. Easy to READ!  If they cannot read it, they will leave.  Forget fancy fonts, small fonts, blinking fonts, lots of colorful text, etc.  Make 100% SURE that your text color is VERY VERY different from the background color.  Not in a way that blends in, looks crazy neon and too bright on the background, no patterns behind text, nothing too unusual.  Your text is NOT where you want to express yourself.  You have no idea if your visitors get migraines (like me), have poor eyesight, etc.  Stick with black and white text content areas for the majority of your blog.  You may not like it.  It may go completely against your design vision.  Express yourself elsewhere and let your site be readable.
  2. Keep images widths the SAME.  Nothing is worse than different widths on images when you scroll down.  It looks sloppy.  You want to look professional and like you put in the time and effort to make sure it looks nice.  Different widths are an easy and quick fix in photoshop or any other image editing program.  Keep the images widths the SAME.  (and optimize them for quick downloading!)Blog post with different image widths
  3. Try and create a template for your post title against an image and use that as your featured image.  Every posts needs a featured image.  It’s a SMART idea to overlay the title of that blog post over the featured image.  When your blog post is shared the featured image will be used.  If the title is NOT on the image itself, guess what, no one will know what your post is about and they won’t click it.  You are trusting the person who shares your post to spend the time typing it out.  That’s not likely to happen so be sure you make it easy for them.
  4. Featured image size is a hard one to decide on.  You want them all the same size for consistency, but with each social media platform needing different featured image sizes you may have to put your head down and do the work making multiple featured images.  The plugin for WordPress called Yoast helps with this.  It allows you to upload different images for different social media platforms.  Mine has Facebook, Google +, and Twitter.  It changes often so do a quick Google search every now and then to find the best size images for each platform.  Pinterest favors longer images, so if you’re big on Pinterest it may be worthwhile to also include some longer images or upload the images directly on Pinterest and link it manually.  There is no perfect way to post on multiple sites different image sizes, so you either do it manually, or you choose the size that works at least OK for the most important platforms to your business needs.

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