Today I’m going to tell you all about this awesome app called Periscope. I’ll tell you exactly how to use Periscope for your business. It’s a fun new way to connect with clients/fans from all over the world.
How To Use Periscope For Your Business

What is Periscope?

Periscope must be downloaded to your iOS or Android device. It let’s you livestream with anyone all over the world instantly. Think of it like live streaming a FaceTime call. Only no one can speak back to you, but instead a limited amount of users who log in first will be allowed to comment in a live chat box. Everyone watching is able to send little hearts letting you know that they enjoy whatever it is you’re streaming. Think of the hearts as “likes”. You can leave hearts by fast tapping the live stream.

How Can I Use Periscope Help My Business?

If you ever want to show your clients/fans something without a lot of fuss and production involve, you can instantly open the app and make a very personal video for them. Connect your Periscope to your twitter and even post the link to other social media platforms to let your clients/fans know you’re live. They can even click the link sent to any social media platforms you share it on and watch from their computer. Only they are not able to comment or gives hearts from a computer. After you’re done the video will be saved for future viewing for 24 hours.

These easy to do live streams make sharing any quick tips with clients/fans extremely easy. It also builds a very personal trustworthy relationship. It’s an intimate way to share information and let others get to know you.

Imagine sharing the excitement of good news in the very moment you receive it? Or a brilliant tip your clients/fans will find immediately helpful. FoodBabe’s Vani, recently took her followers on a trip with her to WholeFoods. She gave them tips on where exactly in the store to find the healthiest options. It was incredibly useful, but also a great way to connect in a personal way with her followers. Plus, it costs no money and she was doing something she would have done anyway. The extra time she spent explaining was not much more trouble and her fans really appreciated the behind the scenes trip. Think of the many things you do everyday that your followers would love to see.

How To Save Periscope Videos and Use Them For Business

Everyone knows that blogging is a must for modern businesses. But even better than blogging is video. The time and energy that video takes often make it undoable for most busy entrepreneurs. However, a Periscope video doesn’t have the expense or time investment of a traditional video. These can be added to your blog and shared via social media as quick blog post replacements.

Great idea! Now how do you save a Periscope video when the app deletes them after 24 hours? Easy, another platform called Katch.Me can be set up to save and “catch” all your new Periscope videos. You may then embed them in your blog, share them in social media, or email them in your newsletter. Yay! Even post a link to all your “Katched” videos and create a new informational page on your website.

So now that you know, be sure to save my page and follow me on Twitter here to find out when I start posting helpful Periscope videos. Then get to the comments and share your Katch pages! I’d love to check out your videos too. :)

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To our success darling!

xo, Kat