I’ve been researching productivity and setting and achieving goals. Today I’ll be talking about the method that works for me. In this post I’ll tell you exactly how to be more productive by setting little goals in different areas. You’re going to learn the secret sauce to finally achieve your goals. You’ll learn what stops most people from achieving their goals and what you need to do everyday to keep you focused and successful.
How to be more productive the little goals you should be setting
First, if you’ve been doing it the old way by making a list of goals at the start of the year and then losing focus and momentum, you’re like MOST people. Achieving goals is not what we were created to do!

Humans are programed to SURVIVE. Surviving doesn’t mean achieving greatness. If you have shelter, food, water, comfort, etc. It can be really hard to reach your goals. You hear stories everyday about people who were at the bottom and then motivated themselves to success. Not saying it’s easier to start from the bottom, simply pointing out that you have more pressure on you when you have no comfort. That’s when it becomes survival. When you tell yourself you will not survive if you don’t make it work, you’ll find that’s when people either give up and die or rise up and succeed!

You’re circles may determine if you’ll reach your goals or not. That’s why successful people with often have successful children. It can be easier to go for it when you see it being done around you. It becomes normal and doable. However, wither your come from success or not, if your immediate circle doesn’t value following through on goals it can make it easier for you to fall into the same pattern.

OK, so let’s say you’re a regular person, leading a pretty average life. You have enough, but you still want more. If you don’t want to put do-or-die stress on your shoulders, but you still want to ACHIEVE. Yes, there is another way to look at making and achieving goals.

So before you knock it, give it a serious chance. No, don’t just take a few notes and loose that notebook you wrote them in. Make your goals NOW as you read this article. Then at the end I’m going to give you more ACTIONABLE steps to help with follow through. It’s going to hurt a little, but you can do this! Greatness requires work and sacrifice. This is your ONLY LIFE. We are here now, this is our chance. If you ever wanted something, please do not tell yourself excuses to prevent yourself from starting RIGHT NOW. You deserve to let yourself start NOW! While you still have a healthy brain and the ability to breathe let’s do this!

Goal Setting

Choose about 10 Category Goals:
(feel free to add other categories that make sense to you and remove those that don’t)
1. Fun Goal (ex: Go to Paris)
2. Environment Goal (ex: Organize your closet)
3. Work Goal (Streamline so you only work 4 hours per day)
4. Learning Goal (learn to speak a little French)
5. Purpose Goal (Teach clients how to be happy while at work)
6. Financial Goal (earn $20,000 more per year)
7. Mental Health Goal (Take 15 minutes before bed to read about something inspirational)
8. Fitness Goal (Workout 15 minutes per day, using easy standing exercises)
9. Romantic Goal (have one date night alone per week)
10. Family & Friends Goal (Call at least one friend or family member per week to catch up no matter how busy you are)

Primary Goal: The goal that helps makes all the other goals possible!

Examples of Primary Goals

Hire a babysitter (more time to focus on other goals)
Get more sleep (go to sleep earlier, wake up earlier = have more time)
Give up TV and find healthy ways to unwind at the end of the day (spend more time with your kids, spouse, working out, learning, etc.)
Eat healthier (have more energy to get things done | spend less time sick)
Turn your phone off during your most productive or busy times
Hire an assistant

Brain dump:
Every possibility that needs to happen to make your Primary Goal a reality. Where you have to start, is here! Write out everything you can think of. It doesn’t matter where you start,there is no order, just write it down.
For example: Get more sleep and wake up early
-get your family on board
-get blackout curtains
-Google search natural ways to fall asleep faster
-DVR shows and only watch on weekends
-Start dimming lights around 7PM every night

Don’t focus on your 10 Category Goals, you just have to focus on 2 things in your brain dump every day. BOOM!

2 things, 10 minutes, everyday
This may mean you have to come back to things, but at least 2 things off your list and spend 10 minutes each on them.

I recommended checking this out to help you set and maintain actions towards achieving goals.

It’s a helpful too to set up reminders to sleep early and look at your to-do list

Now that you have a guide to tackle goals step-by-step they become more manageable and less overwhelming.  Anything is possible in life, you just have to move towards it everyday and one step at a time.

Get to the comments and let me know what goals you’ll be taking on now that you have this helpful guide.  Then be sure to sign up for updates and receive a FREE instant download ebook on how to make your business website WOW.

xo, Kat