In the information age, it may seem like we are all drowning in a sea of voices. We are all trying to follow our passions and reach our communities, both locally and globally. Today I’m going to share how I use technology to follow my passion.How I Use Technology To Follow My Passion

My Blogging Backstory and How I Use Technology To Follow My Passion

I’ve been blogging since before the word “blog” even existed. Not to share my age too much, but even back in those days I knew the Internet was going to unleash possibilities generations before never imagined. Knowledge is power, and if you have access to the Internet, you have power.

Thanks to technology, I was able to use my skills to reach out and help others all over the globe. I can easily share a photo, laugh, and give advice to like-minded individuals the world over. No matter how unconnected I may have felt as a teenager, I learned that just because in your immediate area it may be hard to find someone that shares your ideals or even sense of humor. Across the globe there may be hundreds, if not thousands of supportive and creative individuals.

To follow my passion, I used technology, an affinity for community, and an appreciation for individuality to create a voice loud enough to be heard.

Along the way there were many set backs. When you’re searching for your community, it can be easy to try to fit into one that’s already there. You want to dress the same, read the same books, fit into whatever is trending. Overtime I learned that it’s easy to get lost if you, yourself are lost. So I decided to figure out exactly who I was and my true passion. I created my core beliefs and still stand by them today.How I Use Technology To Follow My Passion

Splitting Up My Passions

In the past not many had the luxury to pursue many passions or careers.  Imagine having to choose one career to pursue for the rest of your life at a young age.  Thanks to technology you are able to try out so many passions and wonderful creative careers. Each can be exciting, and as you passions change, you are capable of moving on. If you were born in any other time, you would have been stuck in your first choice. You are not forced to choose when you are young and totally inexperienced what you wanted to do for the rest of your life.

I choose psychology and wanted to be a therapist. After school and working in the field I quickly decided against it.  Thanks to technology and my experience blogging, I was able to dive into an online entrepreneurial career. Now I have three blogs, three passions, and three sources of income and joy.  Technology helps me communicate with my community in a genuine, immediate, and transparent way.How I Use Technology To Follow My Passion

Passion For Community Over Competition

I knew I wanted to support those that believe in community over competition and that led me to create Miami Bloggers Media. A Miami-based group of female bloggers who meet regularly to offer honest support and guidance to each other. Women that truly believe in sharing their knowledge and experience to help each other were attracted to our group and continue to spread the word. As more and more bloggers join our community I can see that this group was truly needed. Not just for myself, but for so many that felt confused, lost, or just lonely in the process. The magic of women letting go of their competitiveness and being vulnerable to each other is a powerful one. There is nothing like the real connection that forms when coming from of place of kindness and supportiveness.

Passion For Creating Online Based Creative Businesses

My skills in creative online based businesses, psychology, and relationships led me to create The Business Darling. It is there that I share real life personal stories of how I and others close to me overcame bad relationships, grew their online presence, and created a life they wanted. It’s such a very personal business, but those that are the right fit are passionate about it. People connect with those they know, like, and trust. Through my blog and community at The Business Darling, I cultivate that connection. It’s something that no degree or certificate can really prepare you for.

Passion For Sharing My Lifestyle And Desire To Live Healthier and More Sustainably

Then there is my blog, Persian Kitty Kat. This is where I take the time to write about what matters to me personally.  I blog about the important balance of local and global influences are to my health and product choices.  I write about products I love.  Places I love.  Food I cannot stop eating.  Fashion, gardening, Miami, events, and even my health.  I go in deep by supporting brands I believe in by starting a conversation about them and their good deeds.  I hope to encourage more brands who share a passion for the environment, sustainability, helping those in need, are organic, non-toxic, and healthy.  Anyone can have a lifestyle blog, but this blog is unique to me and my values.  It attracts a very specific audience that also feels passionate about these issues.How I Use Technology To Follow My Passion

How Technology Can Help You Communicate With Your Community And Make Money

So how can you benefit from technology and follow your own passion while making a profit?

Here are some points and tips to consider on how technology can help you communicate with your community and make you some money too!

  • Low start up costs.  For the cost of a hobby you can start your own business right now.
  • Rather than waste time and money on school you can begin right away.  You may learn everything online as you go, and be successful that much sooner.
  • Now that we have the Internet, knowledge is freely available.  However services that weed through this vast knowledge on any subject to give just the most important facts and steps can be a profitable profession in itself.
  • You can use a blog-YouTube channel-Instagram to grow trust and authority on a topic, then sell your knowledge on it.  Ebooks and webinars can help bloggers earn extra income teaching everything and anything they have learned.
  • In the past if were good at something you could only prove it and your credibility with a relevant degree in hand.  Now you can just show your worth online and build that authority.
  • All you need to create a life and unique profession is the drive.  If you put in the effort and time online you will see results.
  • You don’t need a huge network to make a real difference.  Building trust is better than growing your numbers.
  • Don’t believe that you need tens of thousands of followers before you start making money.  The truth is once you build that trust, you’re ready to make a profit.
  • Don’t promote just anything and everything.  This harms trust and credibility.  They might have an esthetically pleasing blog or social media account.  But without trust your followers are only watching.  They don’t trust you, and that’s important if you want to make a profit.

How I Use Technology To Follow My Passion

The Best Apps To Create An Online Community

  • Facebook – While having a Facebook page for your business isn’t as beneficial these days. You have to pay for views and posts are rarely seen by followers, it is beneficial to create and participate in Facebook groups. This is where I share posts on very specific topics that apply to a certain audience. You’ll get more views and a much better chance of going viral.
  • Instagram – this is where if you have the ability to snap beautiful photos you can gain a following and connection. Photos matter on Instagram, but they just attract people to your account. Win them over by offering helpful tips in the description. Let your audience get to know you in a real way.
  • A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog – Having your own hosted blog and domain name is a great way to grow a community. Create a treasure trove of information for you target market. Interact in the comments, and return comments to fellow blogger to grow meaningful support and community.
  • G+ – while there are other more popular social media platforms, G+ has the most bang for your SEO buck! G+ posts get high Google search rankings. So write SEO friendly descriptions and use relevant hashtags to get found on searches.
  • SnapChat and Videos/YouTube – this is your super fast track to building a community. There is nothing like seeing and hearing someone to build a connection. If you want the quick way, this is always the way to go.
  • Periscope – This apps is perfect for a quick how to video, easy free webinar, or free class. You can reach people ALL OVER THE WORLD in seconds! I spent an evening watching someone hiking in Japan and talking about living as an expat there, and another with two guys at a bar in Hong Kong.

It’s your world at your fingertips. Reach out and make a connection.How I Use Technology To Follow My Passion

Get To The Comments

Hopefully you found these tips on how I used technology helpful.  Share your tips on how you use technology to follow your passion.  How has technology helped you to do things never before possible?  I would love to hear about it!How I Use Technology To Follow My Passion

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