Hello Darlings, I made an easy to use and totally FREE Blog Planner Checklist. Most blog planners are just planners with a few extra boxes for blog related items.
FREE Blog Planner Checklist

FREE Blog Planner Checklist Includes:

SEO Checklist

Social Media Share Checklist

Check off as you share or schedule on social media platforms

Recommended Featured Image Sizes

The recommended image sizes for sharing in various social media platforms. Find the best size based on the social media platforms you are most active in and best for your business. Another option would be to make different sized images and manually upload them into each of your favorite social media platforms.

Blog Topic Focus

Keeps you from sharing content that has been done before unless you have made it better.

Turn out blog posts that work for your business, blog, and target audience. This is not a daily planner! This is a simple condensed one-page checklist per blog post. Print as many as you need. Remember blogging doesn’t have to be a daily endeavor. Quantity is not the goal. Instead focus on making quality content that is wanted, needed, and appreciated. Once you have a quality and shareable post, then you promote it everywhere. Not just via social media, but to press and related online communities.

Great content + lots and lots of promotion = success!

Notes on the Blog Planner Post Checklist

  • Featured images are constantly changing so be sure to keep up with them and know these are only suggestions.
  • Just because all the more popular Social Media platforms are listed doesn’t mean you have to post to them all. Feel free to include other and up and coming social media platforms as well!
  • It is recommended to have your title in your featured image of the post. When shared it will immediately let viewers know what your post is about.
  • Goals for your post can be anything, some examples are: Signing up for your newsletter, ordering your ebook, getting readers to share your post with their friends, showing your knowledge on a subject, showcasing your talent, etc.

  • Download it HERE now, then get the comments and let me know if you have any questions on the checklist.

    xo, Kat