You hear it everywhere, “find your purpose”.  Is it just a smart thing guru’s and successful people throw out there because it sounds good?  Or is it something you can actually do?  Has anyone every really told you how to find your purpose?

I’m here to tell you that you CAN find your purpose and I’m going to help you do it…RIGHT NOW.  How To Find Your Purpose | The Business DarlingFinding your purpose can feel stressful.  It’s like trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up.  There are so many options, how are you to know for sure?

There is a little secret most successful people don’t tell you.  Or maybe they don’t even notice they did to find success.


What fires you up?!  Some people find their purpose when they get really pissed off about something.  Something doesn’t work right, they can’t find a product to fit their needs, or maybe they notice social injustice and want to help.  It’s nice if it’s trying to help others, but sometimes it could just be to make your own life easier and that blossoms into making things easier for us all.  Remember the Dyson guy?  He was pissed off at a vacuum cleaner so much, he took matters into his own hands.   Now none of us have to suffer with a vacuum that losses suction (if we can afford his that is).

Maybe you’re sick and tired of seeing depressing things on your facebook feed.  Maybe you could find a way to filter out nasty photos and articles so you can live in a happy bubble of pure joy.  Then share it with the rest of us….(that sounds awesome!)

Pissed off not knowing your final fare when taking a taxi.  Worried the driver will take you the long route to make more money?  I’m pretty sure the people over at Uber and Lift felt the same way. Now none of us have to take a taxi and have their worries.

No time to go to the grocery store, but I’m upset you can’t cook your family organic and healthy meals…now we have delivered meal services to the rescue.  Chef created recipes with all the ingredients pre cut and measured right to your door.  Making people healthier and happier is a great purpose don’t you agree?

So anything really frustrating you?

If it’s a greater good like world hunger, you can literally start any business (product or service) and let everyone know your purpose is to make enough to donate X amount of meals.   No matter what you do, you have a purpose.  Others will go to you over those who don’t have a set purpose. Wouldn’t you rather the plumber that donates 10% to feed the hungry over another plumber that doesn’t have any clear purpose?  Of course you would.

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xo, Kat