Once you are at the point that you are thinking about your business branding, you might also be wondering what to do if you are the face of your business.  Matching your personal style to your business branding is a great way to solidify yourself as a leader in your market.

The first step to branding is to figure out who you are and what is your personal style.  It can be tempting to copy the look and feel of others thinking that since you like it, your style must be the same.

Merging Personal Style With Your Brand and BrandingPeople tend to like branding and personal styles that are put together and mesh well.  It’s coherent and pleasing to look at.  Ahhhh…so relaxing.  :)

Liking someone’s style alone doesn’t mean their style is ANYTHING like your style.  Your personal style is uniquely you.

Here are my 8 steps on how to bring your personal style into your business.

1.  Know your style!  Get on Pinterest and pin everything visually appealing to you.  Notice if you go toward lighter or darker colors.  Then narrow it down to cool or warm tones.  Since we are mixing your personal style with your business style make sure the colors go well with your skin tone and you enjoy these colors enough to live with and wear them.

If you always wear black, white and grey but you don’t see that ANYWHERE on your Pinterest boards, guess what, you’re not being true to your own personal style!  Time to be you and buy the colors that appeal to you.  Stop being safe and boring.

You’re not boring, you are a unique bunch of awesome and it’s time you scream it from the roof tops instead of blending in and being forgotten.

Businesses that don’t scream with a unique personality fade into the background.  No one talks about them or remembers them.  You want to be so unique that when your fans/clients/customers see an image fitting into your brand they think of you.

Here are two brands as an example:  Chanel and Kate Spade

Chanel Branding mixing business and personal styleKate Spade Branding mixing personal style with your business


When you think of a Chanel woman you probably think chic, sophisticated, feminine, lovers of textures and fabrics.  This is a girl with a little black dress, big sunglasses and a hat with a brim for sunny days.  She’s classic.

The Kate Spade woman is totally different.  She is a little hipper, young spirit, fun, colorful, not afraid to dress younger, may even have some colors in her hair, loves a good party, and all about hosting.

Now how would you NOT describe a Chanel woman?  She’s not childish, colorful, free spirited, not into colorful makeup (just a bold lip), doubtful she would ever consider colorful hair, her home is going to be more strictly designed rather than eclectic.

How would you NOT describe a Kate Spade loving woman?  Not a little black dress kinda girl,  she’s not afraid of patterns and mixing them up with bold colors, she’s not safe, and she is definitely not going to have boring parties.

Sometimes knowing what you’re not is a good place to start when you’re totally overwhelmed.  So make a list and write down what you want your style to be and what you want it not to be.

You can’t be everything to everyone.  Having your own personal style injected into your business narrows in on your ideal fans.  The people who love what you love.  You style, your personality, and all the wonderful parts of YOU.

2.  Make sure you dress the part.   Now that you have a clear idea about your style and your brand, it’s time to make sure you represent it in your wardrobe.  No need to toss your current wardrobe and start over.  As you buy new pieces just become more mindful of your brand style.  Incorporate colors, patterns, and accents that fit into your image.  Know your brand staples.  Are you always going to make sure you have a little sparkle?  Maybe you want to have a certain go-to pattern.  Do you wear flats, running sneakers, or spiked heels?  Are there any pieces of jewelry you want to show off?  Maybe you want your brand image to always have chunky bracelets.  Maybe you like full skirts.  Is your brand sexy or conservative?  What kind of fabrics?

Your wardrobe can be a great extension of your brand.  Your chance to stand out and have a recognizable aesthetic.



3.  Live in your style.  Does your home and personal space match your brand style?  Try to incorporate your colors, patterns, etc in your home and office space.  Make your home uniquely you.  The best way is to buy cheap or used furniture and customize it.  Check out Pinterest for great ideas.  You can spray paint in your brand colors without spending a fortune and since it’s custom, it will be uniquely you!

4.  Mesh all the parts of yourself into one cohesive brand.  Live and breathe your brand style.  You create it and cultivate it to be what YOU love.  Surround yourself with beauty whenever you can.  From the space you create in, the clothing you wear, it’s a lifestyle baby!  It doesn’t need to be high end and expensive to be your style.   In fact it saves you money to only buy things that truly speak to you.  It can make shopping for anything and everything a little bit easier.  You’ll know your colors and the overall look you’re after.  Suddenly you won’t make unneeded purchases just because something is on sale.  If you don’t love it and it doesn’t go with your style how much will you use it?  Buy less and buy what speaks to you.  From paperclips, to couches, to the flowers on your porch.

On a side note I just bought some super cheap paper clips that fit my branding over the fancy ones that just wouldn’t mesh with my brand style.  Before thinking in this way I would have just gone with the fancy more expensive ones,  but now that I think in terms of making it all cohesive and I make smarter purchases.

5.  Create a fundamental style set of rules.  This is where your branding and personal style meet on paper.  Just like in step one you’ll need to write out what you want your style to be and what you don’t want it to be.  After that you’ll need to list your fundamental style rules.  They can be your basic colors, patterns, warm, cool, modern, vintage, and so on.  Get detailed and specific.  If you decide you’ll always have pearls on, go for it!  Maybe you want yourself and your life to smell of roses, how divine!  When others think of you and your brand what would you like them to think of?  Those are your fundamental style rules.  If you are not cultivating and creating it, you are leaving it up to chance.

6.  It’s OK to evolve as long as you are true to your fundamental style rules.  Maybe you love vintage, but the colors evolve.  Or you love hints of gold and then change it up to hints of silver or rose gold.  As long as your basics are set you can experiment with the rest.

7.  Only incorporate the trends that fit you and your brand.  No need to follow every trend that comes along.  If it speaks to you try and make it work.

8.  If you LOVE it, do it!  Sometimes you might want to shock.  Or maybe you evolve.  Know that you could lose some of your fan base if your changes are too extreme.  However, be true to yourself and if you want to pull a Miley Cyrus, then by all means.



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xo, Kat