No matter where you are in starting or growing your business, you’ve probably heard or thought about the benefits of hiring a business coach or mentor.  If you haven’t gone ahead and put much thought into it, perhaps you have one of these false beliefs preventing you from moving forward.

The Benefits of Hiring a business coach or mentor

 You don’t feel you can afford a business coach or mentor:

When you are starting out or struggling, the last thing you think you can afford is a coach or mentor.  The truth is you can’t afford NOT to hire one.  Now don’t think just because I provide this service that I’m biased.  I started many businesses without them, but one thing I can say for certain, the moment I invested in my business and hired someone else was the moment things started to happen.  You can either learn the hard way by trial and error or you can learn from someone who has been there and already knows what works.  The most important job of a business coach or mentor is that they hold you accountable.  This isn’t a small thing.  This is a HUGE benefit.  They will help and push you to set and follow through with goals.  When you are working alone or your own boss you have no one to hold you accountable for your poor choices or lack of action.  A business coach or mentor steps in to do this for you.  But not in a scary way, in a supportive positive way.  They are not someone to be feared, they are someone in your corner wanting and pushing you to succeed.  The more successful you are, the more successful they are.  It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

You want to wait until you have a {insert what your excuse is here}:

Many of us build blocks to prevent us from success.

I’ll hire someone once I have X amount of clients.

I’ll hire someone after my website is what I like for it to be.

I’ll hire someone after my tax return comes in.

I’ll hire someone if I cannot figure this out by myself in two years.

You delay and delay it until you REALLY get desperate.  By this time your situation may be so bad that you can barely afford to keep from bankruptcy or you are so overwhelmed you need to spend a huge chunk of your time with your coach or mentor just on building you back up mentally to handle your business rather than on marketing, design, copy, and branding needs.

You feel business coaches and mentors are just a scam:

There is no way you need to hire a business coach or mentor.  I mean people must have done this without having one, right?  Maybe you can think of a few success stories that didn’t have one.  More than likely however, they did have someone in their corner.  Whether an official business coach or mentor or otherwise.  It could have been a friend with the right mindset.  Perhaps they went to many seminars or read so much about the subject that in a sense they really did have someone.  But if you are like most people who become successful, you’ll need someone supportive to talk to.  Someone who has been able to make it and start and grow a successful business is a great asset. Think of all the successful people you know.  Chances are they have mentors.  Chances are they knew their worth and didn’t think twice about offering to work for free to earn a few moments of their time if they couldn’t afford to pay them.  Or they did whatever they had to do and scrapped by to afford to purchase their time.   Mentors and coaches are important.  There is a reason people on the road to success seek out those they find inspirational.  There is a reason they email them relentlessly, offer them what little they have or just their time, and there is a reason they feel it’s worth it.

Not everyone has someone in their personal lives with the time, knowledge, or positive business minded outlook to be that support.  There are going to be times where you don’t feel like you’ll make it.  Times where you’ll lose faith in your path.  You will struggle, you will want to give up and get a “real job”.  It’s totally normal.  That’s why you need a pick me up from a coach or mentor.  If you have them long term or just there for times of stress and doubt, I strongly suggest you consider their benefit.

You can figure it out yourself:

Sure, it’s possible.  Some do.  If you are OK with failure.  If you never give up no matter how much you loose.  If you have that hustle.  If you have a lot of time and money to make mistakes.  It can be done.

But if you are like most of the population, you will have your moments of weakness.  It’s only human.  If you find yourself at that point where you don’t have a large amount of expendable funds to use on trial and error.  If you are no longer comfortable with no one believing in you and are not good with going through with it anyway.  If you are scared of the unknown.  If that’s a little more like where you are, then I really and sincerely hope you consider finding someone.

You don’t think they will get you and your business vision:

Don’t let this one stop you!  With so many great and fabulous business coaches and mentors, there is definitely SOMEONE for you and your unique personality.  We come in all ages, backgrounds, prices, specialities, and have diverse business experiences.  No matter how big or small you want to make your business.  There is someone out there you will connect to!  It’s not that different from finding the right therapist.  You want to know what their approach is, what their focus will be on, and how much attention they have to devote to you and your needs.  Feel free to interview a few of them.  It’s worth it to pay for the time of a few coaches or mentors before you purchase a long term plan.  You should do this to make sure you enjoy the process and feel comfortable sharing your fears, worries, real situation, etc. with them.  Once you know you can be super open and honest and they will help you rather than judge, book them before they book up!!!   You don’t want to wait until they raise their prices or stop offering one-on-one sessions.

I hope I addressed your concerns and showed you the benefits.  If you have any concerns I haven’t touched on let me know on the comments and I’ll be happy to add more thoughts.

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xo, Kat