Today we’re going Behind The Brand with Marivette Navarrete & Vanessa Enriquez of NEVERMIND cosmetics. This chic duo and real life friends started NEVERMIND after the pair quit their jobs last October. Rather than look for other jobs, they decide to take their future into their own hands and team up to create a cosmetics line. After research and development, they opened shop in February and haven’t looked back.Behind the Brand with NEVERMIND Cosmetics based in MIAMIThese girls knew what they were doing from the very beginning. After reaching out to smaller boutiques and trade shows, they reached out to influencers to get the word out on their fun brand. First to those they knew and then to those that had a matching brand message. Using social media to it’s full potential, they promoted their #showusyourpackage and encouraged followers to post unboxing photos. Always on the look for influencers, they urge that genuine and well trusted influencers are their prime marketing agents.

Their brand has a very 90s feels. Their signature pink boxes are complemented with fun decorated mailers and every order includes a 90s choker with a hand written thank you note.
Behind the Brand with NEVERMIND Cosmetics based in MIAMIMarivette Navarrete & Vanessa Enriquez of NEVERMIND CosmeticsBehind the Brand with NEVERMIND Cosmetics based in MIAMIWhy did you start your company?
V – Mari and I were familiar with the beauty industry and just wanted to do our own thing at this point in our life. It feels nice to be on the same wavelength 99% of the time, and not have to ask for permission- I think that’s my favorite part!

M – Why not? As Vanessa mentioned, we had become familiar with the beauty industry from our previous work experience and the industry ended up becoming a passion for us. We had numerous discussions on, you know, if we started a line what would be our aesthetic, what would be our voice, colors, message, our customer…and finally we decided to just go for it. We are obsessed with beauty world and the badass babes living in it and we just want everyone to join the club.Behind the Brand with NEVERMIND Cosmetics based in MIAMIDescribe the brand and ideal customer.
V – To me, the ideal NEVERMIND girl is a total badass. She is sassy, unapologetic, independent, and smart.

M – She is true to herself. She wears whatever the hell she wants and does not apologize for it.Behind the Brand with NEVERMIND Cosmetics based in MIAMIWhat was your first success, and what did it feel like?
V – I think our first success would have to be our first sale, once that happened it actually felt real. But we like to celebrate every tiny victory around here!

M – I’m going to take it back to when we finally had our sticker labels, boxes, and our lipsticks in hand, together, under the same roof. Finally putting it together was so surreal. It was real. Tangible. And there’s nothing like watching your passion come to life.Behind the Brand with NEVERMIND Cosmetics based in MIAMIWhat did you wish you knew about business before you started?
V – Patience is key.

M – The mood swings that come with starting your own business. Hah! There are so many emotional up and downs that come with being an entrepreneur and I don’t think I was fully prepared. There are days where you’re running on empty, rushing to get things done, watching orders increase and then there are other days where it’s slower, you’re bored, not sure of what you’re doing, scared…Behind the Brand with NEVERMIND Cosmetics based in MIAMIThe one big tip you would give new comers to your industry?
V – This sounds cliche but never give up! There will be highs and plenty of lows but just power through them. It will be worth it in the end if it is something that you truly love and are passionate about.

M – Figure out what sets you apart. You will be asked this numerous times from everyone. Make sure you have an answer for it. And a good one, too.Behind the Brand with NEVERMIND Cosmetics based in MIAMIWhat’s the first thing people notice about your brand?
V – NEVERMIND is still very young, we are learning as we go and taking feedback as we go. We have noticed that people have responded really well to our aesthetic, they love our signature pink color and the all around vibes we give off.Behind the Brand with NEVERMIND Cosmetics based in MIAMIWhat do you feel makes your brand stand out?
V – I think our biggest selling point is our sassy product names! Our formula is pretty great too, our lippies are extremely pigmented, creamy, full coverage and blot down to a velvety matte finish.

M – Yes, our names! People love the idea of telling their friends that the lipstick that they are wearing is called BORED AF or CAN YOU NOT or SORRY I’M LATE (very Miami appropriate) then they get to tell them that the formula is great too!Behind the Brand with NEVERMIND Cosmetics based in MIAMIWhat has been your biggest source of traffic and why?
V – Influencers are a huge part of marketing nowadays! They are the future, they have really helped us get our name out there.

M – Beauty and fashion influencers. They share and promote products that they believe in with their followers and their followers seek it out.Behind the Brand with NEVERMIND Cosmetics based in MIAMIWhat would you tell new comer about developing a brand esthetique?
V – Be clear and consistent.

M – Yes, it’s so important to be clear and consistent.

How do you think your business will change in the coming years?
V – We hope to expand our line! We can’t wait to show everyone what we have up our sleeves.

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The ladies will be restocking and expanding on their 10 classic lippy colors soon. They want to add some weirder colors along with some great mauves and pinks. Their sassy lipstick names are sure to catch your attention, while their creamy velvet matte formula always seals the deal. We expect a lot of great things from these girls and are proud to say they are from Miami. Check out NEVERMIND Cosmetics on their website and follow along on their journey on Instagram.

Interview + Images by Kat Khatibi of The Business Darling

xo, Kat