Today we are going Behind The Blog with Carolina Lindo of I’m Not Sorry Darling. This budding fashion icon and social media powerhouse is making a name for herself in Miami’s fashion blogger scene. Carolina Lindo of I'm Sorry Sorry Darling

Carolina Lindo of I’m Not Sorry Darling

This Colombian cookie moved to Miami about five years ago and hasn’t stopped working since. She graduated from Fashion Merchandising and used her unique fashion sense to make a splash in Miami’s budding fashion scene. I’m Not Sorry Darling began as a pet project on Instagram where Carolina posted inspiring and empowering quotes for women. Then suddenly everyone started commenting on her wild style and she decided to go all in mixing her message with her fashion. I’m Not Sorry Darling was born!

Carolina is still true to her purpose and uses her fashion platform to inspire and motivate women. Her style she describes as funky, edgy, and unique. No matter how funky the look, she loves how she makes her outfits wearable. She’s comfortable walking the flaming hot streets of Miami in her unique creations.

This girl gets noticed! Not even five minutes into meeting her she was approached about her style. Everything she was wearing drew a curious fan. “Where did you get those?” “I love your shoes!!” “Those glasses are so fun.” On and on, she’s a walking catwalk. Carolina doesn’t mind helping out and giving all the details either. She’s happy to shout out a designer and store.Carolina Lindo of I'm Sorry Sorry Darling

Carolina Lindo’s Tips On Branding

Carolina is a girl who knows a thing or two about branding. Having reached her goal of over 20,000 Instagram followers in less than two years, she knows how to command attention.
1. Be unique: no one has her style. She’s not wearing what everyone else does and never wears anything off brand. If it doesn’t match her style, she’s not compromising her brand to post it.
2. Followers are Nice, but Beautiful Photos SELL: Rather than focusing on the numbers, she knows where to put in her time…photography. If that isn’t perfect nothing else matters. No one will want to work with you or treat you as a professional.
3. Consistency: She uses the same app filter EVERY SINGLE TIME to maintain consistency. Because a consistent results makes brands trust you. It shows you don’t just throw something together. No blurry, grainy, or low quality photos. Filters matter because if you switch from warm to cool tones, your feed becomes sloppy. Choose one and never stray.Carolina Lindo of I'm Sorry Sorry Darling Carolina Lindo of I'm Sorry Sorry Darling Carolina Lindo of I'm Sorry Sorry Darling Carolina Lindo of I'm Sorry Sorry Darling

Carolina Lido’s Advice On Growing Your Following

Working For Trade:  Believe it or not, Carolina believes that paid posts starting out can be limiting.  What she was after before reaching her 20,000+ Instagram flowers was shout outs.  She wanted to be sure the brand would repost and tag her back to help grow her following.  She believes that until you have a very large following you cannot promise sales to brands, but you can promise awesome photos.  Now that she’s reached her goal of followers she is in position to ask for more monetary compensation.  She now has the numbers to deliver sales and drive traffic for companies. Carolina stresses that until you can make those promises, doing work for trade is a great way to work with up and coming brands and get cross promoted to grow your following.

Give Love To Get Love:  She believes that in social media you have to give to get back.  She likes posts on accounts that have liked her posts and comments back.  She builds solid online relationships with brands and followers by consistently interacting with them.  Showing she’s a real person and easily approachable.

She puts herself out there in the community helping other bloggers.  Recently, she was a guest speaker for Miami Bloggers Media.  Making real connection both online and off is the best way to increase your following authentically.

Leave Your Direct Email:  Carolina says making yourself easy to reach is very important.  Busy brands won’t click a link to head to your website, to then fill out a contact form.  Give them your email address and make it painless.  Carolina Lindo of I'm Sorry Sorry Darling

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