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Kat Khatibi: Read More of My Story Are you a creative entrepreneur?

When it comes to starting, growing your creative business + cultivating healthy relationships, I can help.

You’ve got the talent, but no bookings. You keep attracting nightmare clients. You’re stuck struggling with your brand focus. Your relationships are draining you.  Whatever it is holding you back – I’ve been there.

I show creative business owners how to turn their passion into paychecks.

I’m Kat and as you have probably guessed, teaching creative entrepreneurs how to make their business profitable and having fulfilling relationships (while having fun) is what I’m all about.

I have started many businesses in my life (more on that HERE); but most recently wedding design, photography, and acupuncture. I know what you’re thinking… acupuncture? What?? I run the back end of my husband’s highly successful acupuncture practice. So well, in fact, his only requirement is to show up to for his amazing clients! This didn’t go unnoticed by his peers, many of which have sought out my help making their businesses more profitable.

That should have been my lightbulb moment, but I was already busy running two successful creative businesses of my own, in wedding design and photography.

Only after having my baby did I realize I needed to do something that makes me happy and allows me the freedom to stay home with my daughter.

Utilizing an education in psychology,  know-how cultivating healthy relationships, advising fellow business owners, with the experience of being a successful creative entrepreneur – The Business Darling was born

Ready for the Third Person Bio?

Kat is a creative business and relationship strategist (aka career and life coach) for people who despise the notion of not having it all, with a desire to turn their passion into paychecks.

Through her deliciously insightful videos, no-nonsense get-it-done, one-on-one sessions, and action-packed guilty pleasure ebooks, she’s here to shake up your approach to making money and finding happiness, while making it all feel like talking to your BFF sipping pina coladas on the beach.

Her adoring fans + customers have called her “a secret weapon,” “a great kick in the ass,” and one woman called her “the reason you’ll stop making excuses this year.”

Let’s Get To Work!